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Which Divorce Packet Do I Need?

Packet: Contested Divorce - With Minor Children

Packet: Contested Divorce - No Minor Children

Packet: Uncontested Divorce - With Minor Children

Packet: Uncontested Divorce - No Minor Children

Child Support Order Addendum

Domestic Relations Action Standing Order

Parenting Plan: Contested

Parenting Plan: Uncontested

Request for Civil Uncontested Hearing

Settlement Agreement

Domestic Violence
Breaking Free from Domestic Violence

Packet: Family Violence TPO

Packet: Stalking TPO

Order for Continuance

Request for Dismissal of TPO

Request to Modify TPO

Judge Bagley's Request for Civil Non-Jury Hearing Form
Only for cases assigned to Judge Bagley; Division 1

Judge Dickinson's Request for Civil Non-Jury Hearing Form In Excess of 1.5 Hours
Only for cases assigned to Judge Dickinson; Division 2

Judge Dickinson's Request for Civil Non-Jury Hearing Form Not to Exceed 1.5 Hours
Only for cases assigned to Judge Dickinson; Division 2

Judge Smith's Request for Civil Non-Jury Hearing Form
Only for cases assigned to Judge Smith; Division 3

Request for Civil Uncontested Hearing

Request for Emergency Hearing

State Court's Request for Civil Hearing

Juvenile Court
Packet: Continuance (Dependency)

Packet: Legitimation

Packet: Motion for Discovery (Dependency or TPR)

Packet: Permanent Guardianship

Packet: Private Dependency

Packet: Request for Financial Assistance

Acknowledgment of Service

Appointed Attorney Reimbursement

Complaint - CHINS

Complaint - Delinquency

Complaint - Dependency

Notice and Consent for Exchange of Information

Petition - CHINS

Petition - Emancipation of Minor

Petition & Order - Seal Files and Records

Request for Hearing

Miscellaneous Forms
Packet: Disinterment

Packet: Interpreter Request and Scheduling Notices


Affidavit In Support of Default


Bench Trial Reporting Form

Certificate of Adoption (Form 3927)

Civil and Domestic Disposition Form

Civil and Domestic Filing Form

Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit (DRFA) of Defendant

Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit (DRFA) of Plaintiff

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney - Revocation

Power of Attorney for the Care of Minor Child

Pro Se Contact Information Sheet



Voluntary Dismissal

Motion for Contempt

Motion for Continuance

Motion Without Evidentiary Hearing

Name Change
Packet: Name Change for Adult

Packet: Name Change for Minor

Poverty Affidavit
Instructions for Poverty Affidavits

Affidavit of Poverty

Affidavit of Poverty Order

Real Estate and Sales
Bill of Sale - Personal Property

Contract to Sell Real Estate

Lis Pendens - Cancellation of

Lis Pendens - Motion to Cancel

Lis Pendens - Notice

Quit Claim Deed

Security Agreement: Accounts and Contract Rights

Security Agreement: Chattel Mortgage

Security Agreement: Title Retention Contract

Service Forms
Packet: Service by Publication

Acknowledgment of Service and Waiver of Venue

Certificate of Service

Certificate of Service

Foreign Subpoena

Subpoena for Production of Evidence

Subpoena to Produce Documents (Juvenile Court)

Witness Subpoena

Witness Subpoena (Juvenile Court)