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Mission Statement

Pre-trial Services' mission is to assist the courts in accordance with the policies of the Bell-Forsyth Judicial Circuit, to minimize unnecessary pretrial detention, to reduce failures to appear at court hearings, to protect the community, to maintain compliance in individuals under supervision, and to enhance the overall administration of justice.

The process

Pre-Trial Services is an essential component of the court system in the Bell-Forsyth Judicial Circuit and Forsyth County court system. The primary function of this court service is to provide supervision for defendants who are placed on pretrial release by the courts. This service also has the responsibility of supervising certain requirements of temporary protective orders. The Director of Pre-Trial Services is responsible to the Court Administrator and Chief Superior Court Judge of the Bell-Forsyth Judicial Circuit.

Pretrial Services supervises felony and misdemeanor defendants who are granted pretrial release, which requires the defendant to comply with court-ordered conditions, such as drug testing, drug treatment, psychological counseling, stay-away orders, or frequent reporting. If an individual is granted pretrial release, a Pretrial Services case manager will be assigned to the case and will monitor the individual’s progress throughout the adjudication period. The goal of supervision is ultimately to prevent re-offense or failure to appear in Court, as well as to assist the defendant by providing positive support through intervention programs that will help the individual avoid criminal behavior, such as substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, or domestic violence counseling. Early intervention benefits the defendant, the defendant’s family, and the community at large, and allows the defendant the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to comply with court orders.

The Pretrial Services case manager will meet with the defendant, explain the conditions of release, work with the defendant to identify individual needs for services and make referrals when appropriate. The defendant will be required to make regular contact with the case manager in order to chart progress, reinforce the conditions of release, discuss problematic issues, and receive information about future court appearance dates and times. All progress and non-compliance will be reported to the Court with recommendations for appropriate action.

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