Forsyth County Courthouse wide shot


In the last two weeks, three Forsyth County Courthouse employees tested positive for COVID-19. When the first suspected case occurred, all employees in the affected area were instructed to quarantine. The area was then extensively cleaned and disinfected.

The Court complied with the Georgia Supreme Court’s Fourth Order Extending Declaration of Statewide Judicial Emergency and followed County and CDC guidelines regarding quarantine, including directives from Risk Management and Personnel Services. The Court also worked with the Department of Public Health, per the Supreme Court’s order, to ensure that contact tracing would be conducted.  

The Forsyth County Superior, State and Juvenile Courts have been taking precautions to maintain a safe environment for all court customers, attorneys, and staff in response to COVID-19. The Chief Judge of Superior Court has issued orders mandating daily temperature checks and face coverings for everyone entering the Forsyth County Courthouse and Juvenile Court. Social distancing has been implemented and Plexiglas dividers have been installed in each courtroom to provide additional safety for employees and court participants. The number of individuals permitted in the courtrooms for essential hearings has been reduced and technology has been adopted to allow for virtual hearings for other court proceedings. Each courtroom is cleaned and disinfected after every court calendar.

Upon entering either court building, all persons are directed to maintain an appropriate social distance from one another in the hallways and courtrooms, which is generally accepted to be a distance of at least six feet, and to keep physical contact with one another to an absolute minimum.

The Forsyth County Superior, State, and Juvenile Courts are committed to maintaining appropriate measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to maintain the health and safety of all who enter our court buildings.